Our people are the unconventional types. The ones who feel a pull towards more meaning, joy and wonder in life. Whether you are planning your wedding or looking for ways to build connection with your inner circle, we create spaces for you to express yourself and give you permission to break the rules. 

Meaningful events stay with us. We carry their moments for weeks, months and years later.

our ethos

We carry their moments for weeks, months and years later. The conversations that kept us up late, the laughter we can feel in our bones, the connection to our community that only happens around a table. 

Gatherings can be spiritual, cathartic, and grounding. They leave us with a sense of wonder, joy and comfort

They knit together strands across communities, 
demographics, life seasons.

Events are a vessel, a container for the people apart of them.  



Your story is uniquely yours and each part of it brought you to this place of gathering. Rather than stuff it in a box, we believe gatherings should exude personality and heart. Gatherings should tell a story and invite your guests to be part of it. 


Love carries no boundaries and our team and vendors accept all people for exactly who you are. We believe love is love.


In a world fascinated by convenience and newness, we believe in fostering deep and lasting moments. 


We believe in committing with conviction. A bold yes to the things that light you up and strong no to anything that doesn't. We push you to dig deeper into your values instead of drowning in a sea of comparison. 


Meet Your Guides



lead gathering guide

In many ways, you could say that event planning found me. In 2018 I was introduced to the wedding planning world as I started working under two of the most successful wedding planners in the state. I couldn't believe that I was actually helping put these magical days into motion. While my weekend hustle of weddings fueled me creatively, it wasn't until 2022 that the idea for Aura came to fruition.

I've taken all of my learnings and experience from the event industry and infused it with my heart for people, their stories and meaningful moments. 

I believe gatherings create moments that matter most. These are the moments when you're reminiscing at the end of a year or several years down the road, that you bring up and create that closeness between you and your people. Executing the details and the logistics is the easy part. Creating the magic through purpose and intention is where I shine. 



lead experience builder

After playing collegiate baseball at the University of Central Arkansas, Connor explored a variety of professional paths. When Emily decided it was time to move for her fellowship - they found themselves in Raleigh. How did they choose Raleigh you might ask? Emily sat down and found which cities within a reasonable distance from home had the most breweries per capita. Raleigh won and Connor moved there with hopes of getting a start in the brewery industry. 

While in North Carolina, he had an opportunity to work for a brewery that won awards for their beer AND their dim sum. He began taking college courses just for brewing while taking on a side hustle at another brewery as a cellarman in Durham. One thing that has never changed about Connor since finishing college? His dream is to one day open a brewery.

When we moved back to Arkansas, Connor became a professional brewer at one of our local breweries before transitioning to a project management construction position. He brings his project management expertise, creativity and love for hosting to the Aura team. Connor is also the builder behind our rentals bringing Emily's big ideas to life for our clients.