Gatherings with feeling

We co-create meaningful events that will leave you and your guests feeling seen through intentional connection and left with a sense of wonder.  

find your aura

If you’re anything like us, you have a life full of meaning and you want your gatherings to feel that way too. You could never fit your story in a perfectly curated Pinterest box and we say you shouldn’t have to. 




You desire a meaningful gathering, we guide you in finding your purpose and infusing that into every element. We give you the confidence to say NO when you want to and YES to what matters. 

Deepen your why and build your own traditions

Then let us translate in impactful ways so you can be fully present

let's break the rules



When we couldn’t find pieces to fit our aesthetic, we created them. Explore our rental collection for unique pieces to elevate your gatherings.

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My personal life mission

is rooted in empowering people to live in alignment with their values and what brings out the most precious parts of their soul. 

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We created Aura to be a vessel for the people out there wanting more from their gatherings and life. 

Combining our background in event and project management with an emphasis on relationship, Aura is a new way of approaching event planning with people at the center.